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Emergency Post

Just making a post to save the comm and all its incredibly detailed sporkings. I'd hate to have the comm annihilated for inactivity, and LJ is going to start deleting inactivate accounts soon.

Also, communities are considered inactive if they have only one new post with no comments. So please...comment on this post to let LJ know we're still here.

ETA: I've already said this in a couple of comments, but I'm adding it to the original post. LJ edited their announcement. This is what they initially said:

A journal is defined as inactive if it has not been logged into for 24 consecutive months and has only one post (i.e., the welcome post). A community is defined as inactive if has not been updated for 24 consecutive months.

Now it reads:

A journal is defined as inactive if it has not been logged into for 24 consecutive months and has only one post (i.e., the welcome post). A community is defined as inactive if has not been updated for 24 consecutive months and has only one entry and no comments.

The bolded clause wasn't there when I saw their first announcement. I'm guessing there were objections.

Time For A New Product

 I don't know how many ex Harry Potter Fans there are in the world caused by the extremely disappointing Deathly Hallows, but it seems clear to me that it is time for a New Product to replace Harry Potter in the Witch and Wizard fantasy genre.  I am not an author.  I don't read fanfiction, and I'm not making this post to advertize or suggest any particular book or series.  I am just curious how many ex Harry Potter fans are still around reading fanfiction and just waiting to go back on the Harry Potter fansites and compare the idiotic Harry Potter plot in Deathly Hallows to a more realistic and reasonable witch and wizard plotline.

"All was Well"

I consider that, in years to come, this particular phrase will be discussed and dissected by people more educated than I, and will (if Potterfiction stays as popular) be considered to be one of the greatest literary lies ever. For me it ranks along with "All animals are created equal" and will – just as that phrase was shown to be a nonsense –lose any credibility it has.

For this discussion, I'm using the book only. Not chats or filler information about things that Jo knows.

There's so much wrong with the assertion that all is well I hardly know where to start. But start we must.

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So - what do you think? There's a great many more reasons why I think All Isn't Well, but I'd like to hear some of yours.

Rec List.

The post-spork discussion will be up later. In the meantime, this is where you can post recommendations for fic and art that deal with plotholes Rowling never filled, with the Wizarding World at war, with the aftermath of the war, with AUs and dystopias, et cetera, et cetera, and so forth...you get the idea.

Some stories have been suggested already, and are listed here. I've added a few others. As other suggestions are made, I'll add them to the master list. I figure that will be easier to find later; I don't think anyone likes having to scramble through comments for rec links.


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The Comic that sydpad is TOTALLY NOT DOING.

And, because they kind of go together, seductivedark's stories based on sydpad's art. They start here, with Interview.


Epilogue -- Nineteen Years Later

The Crapilogue was sporked by enolabloodygay. Happy Valentine's Day, folks!


Nineteen Years Later...

In which the Famous Five Meet the Secret Seven in Gull Cove...or something. And everything is just Grrrr-eat! And it makes me want to barf.

And a world without Voldemort is Practically Perfect in Every Way.Collapse )


Only it's not! Hurrah!

Tomorrow we will be discussing exactly why we think "All was well" should go down as one of the greatest literary lies ever.

Chapter 35 -- King's Cross

In which Harry is mostly dead, Voldemort's soul is ignored for no particular reason, and Albus Dumbledore Lies About It All To You.

Note: This is from the British edition. Readers of the American edition may notice some differences in the text.

Chapter Thirty-Five -- King’s Cross

The Harrydore's quite strong/ Watch Albie's ego swell/ As Harry thinks all wrong/ Both overact like hell/ For this is the Song That Goes Like This.Collapse )

Chapter 34 -- The Forest Again (Part 1)

This chapter is by quinby. There will be another spork of this later--her computer, Adams, decided to live up to his name and be obnoxious and disliked. That is, he crashed, taking the whole spork with him. So I started work on it, in case quinby couldn't redo the spork in time...and when she sent me this, my version was three-quarters done.

So you get two sporks of the same chapter.


In which Harry wangsts like Roger Davis from RENT, Neville is unduly optimistic, and Harry finally dies.Collapse )

Chapter Thirty Three--The Prince's Tale

This endeavour having caused erastes to have a nervous breakdown, she’s had to take herself off to a remedial writing course where she is being soothed with the cool application of the proper use of colons and gentle repetition of sentence structure until she recovers.

Her spork therefore will be conducted by our old friends The Random Death Eaters (1 and 2) who some of you may not have met before.  You know them, though. The ones who joined up because the uniform was cool, (“it was! Leather and pointy hats”) or because they thought they could get girls (“well we did.”  “Yeah, if we Stunned them”)  The ones that always lurk around at the back (“well, wouldn’t YOU? You saw what happened when they told him about the vault”) and the last ones to volunteer for anything…  They are the Nobby Nobbes and the Fred Colon of the Bad Guys. Keeping out of the rain, keeping out of trouble. They may never be famous but they might just make it through this alive.

Voldemort once said that he was often defeated by Luck and Chance, so lets give these boys names for once.. I introduce Chuck, and Lance, the Random Death Eaters.

Chapter Thirty-Three
The Prince's Tale

In which we are supposed to believe six impossible things before Breakfast.

1. That a potions expert who worked as double agent with a psycho with a big snake wouldn't be filled with antidote....Collapse )