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Time For A New Product

 I don't know how many ex Harry Potter Fans there are in the world caused by the extremely disappointing Deathly Hallows, but it seems clear to me that it is time for a New Product to replace Harry Potter in the Witch and Wizard fantasy genre.  I am not an author.  I don't read fanfiction, and I'm not making this post to advertize or suggest any particular book or series.  I am just curious how many ex Harry Potter fans are still around reading fanfiction and just waiting to go back on the Harry Potter fansites and compare the idiotic Harry Potter plot in Deathly Hallows to a more realistic and reasonable witch and wizard plotline.


29th Jul, 2008 11:22 (UTC)
Let me see... Some old favourites would be:

Rosemary Sutcliff. She wrote quite a lot of utterly brilliant Young Adult stuff. Mostly historical fiction. One of my favourites of these would be 'The Laternbearers'.

Rumer Godden: I love this author because of the way her stories 'come together' in a tight fit like a jigsaw puzzle. My first Godden book was 'An Episode of Sparrows', and it's still one of my favourite.

If you like SF, how about a golden oldie like C.S. Cherryh's 'The Pride of Chanur'? The fun bit of this novel is that there is only one human being in this story, who is an 'outsider' (non in the Compact has ever seen such a creature before) and is largely unable to communicate. It's all writting from an alien's point of view.
Cherryh did something similar in 'Cuckoo's Egg', which is pretty good as well. And I definetly would recommend 'Port Eternity', which is Cherryh's SF take on the Athurian saga.

Some of the above can only be found in second hand shops or libraries, as are the following, but they are WELL worth it, because one of my favouritest author of all times must be Ansen Dibell, who wrote the Kantmorie saga (the first three were published in english, but the next two never were. They were translated and published in dutch and french, however, since Dibell has a huge following in the Netherlands and France) Still, the first three can be read as a trilogie.

Dibell's Kantmorie saga is brilliant. Trust me on this. Don't be put off by descriptions or blurb texts, just read the books. There are a lot of SF writers Out There, and a lot of good ones too, but none has ever struck a note in my heart as Dibell does.

All these above titles succeed where Rowling fails. These abovementioned books show the readers how to go through despair, hate and bitterness and to still love. They show how immortality is a curse to those who are not born to it and a folly to seek. They teach us what it means to be human.

*bows to Dibell, Cherryh, Sutciff and Godden*


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